BIOENERGEN®          Skin and intestinal wellness and not only...

Flacon of 50ml - drops for internal use

That's why BIOENERGEN® is the natural supplement that was missing 


BIOENERGEN® performs his action on the organism thanks to the targeted synergistic blend of selected herbs and the special processing method which allows a high extraction of the beneficial herbal ingredients. By extracting with water, without ethyl alcohol, the final product is a liquid extract that can be easily taken in drops, for internal use.


An Observational Experimentation at the Department of Dermatology
in the Hospital of Cremona has confirmed:


- great utility for skin wellness,

- improving of intestinal functions,

- the improvement of cenesthesia (perception of a sense of well-being) 


An innovative project

BIOENERGEN® is a Herbal Supplement of "New Generation" that has many years of research in a herbalistic medical team and that has a innovative study of the synergistic, biochemical and energetic effects of the herbs contained in it.


It's the perfect synergy of the herbs contained in BIOENERGEN to make it so useful for the wellness of the persons. A wellness that is already evident in the first 20 days of use and in the experimentation Medical Herbalistic.


 BIOENERGEN® is a dietary supplement to which was applied a special bioenergetic process in the herbal field:

For the maximum utility for the "remise en forme" and the psychophysical wellness, production of BIOENERGEN was entrusted to the Solimè Herbal Laboratories, Company Leaders at the European level in the processing of herbal supplements. The product is made with the use of revitalized water and selected raw materials, in bioarmonici environment.

During processing the herbs do not undergo any chemical treatment. Ultrasound machines, systems and processes in specific environments (termo igrometricamente standartizzati) packaged in packaging under reduced pressure combine to preserve intact all the properties of plants. Strict controls to the highest standards of quality are made on the entire production cycle.


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