I am loving the good kitchen and I was very worried and a little 'desperate to have to make a very strict diet for my food intolerances. 

I decided to follow the advice to try the herbal supplement  BIONENERGEN.


In just 30 days, see analysis, without changing diet reduced my many and serious food intolerances of 99% ...

Now with the only assumption of maintenance I can finally eat my favorite foods without problem ..that's beautiful ... 



Hi doctor can You give me some advice on bioenergen, on internet many speak well of its miraculous effects.
I would like to hear Your opinion thanks in advance

Alberto M  https://it-it.facebook.com/speciani/posts/453478131362526


Responds Dr. Attilio Speciani

As you see we talk positively of it also in Eurosalus http://www.eurosalus.com/.../quei-segni-sul-viso-lasciati... anche se il vero riequilibrante  although the real rebalancing system for the skin is nowadays a healthy diet that controls inflammation from food (especially dairy and yeast)  http://www.eurosalus.com/.../confermato-il-rapporto-tra... . Have a good day

I heard about this new remedy against acne ... I wanted an opinion on bioenergen:
what do you think? Can it be effective? I read that it has also positive effects on cycle regolarity ... can it give negative interactions on me that I take birth control pills? It may reduce the contraceptive effectiveness?
I also welcome proposals for simple alternative methods against acne, skin and black points.
Thanks :)

Good Morning,
Bioenergen consists of: concentrated aqueous extracts of Fucus vesicolosus, Schizandra chinensis, gotu kola, Pfaffia panniculata bark, Smilax utilis, Turnera diffusa, Spirea ulmaria, Harpagophitum procumbens, Eritroxylon catrauba, Citrus gandiis, Theobroma cacao, Fructosum. They are all plants known for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial cleansing,
anti-toxic effect and skin protection action. It has very positive effects in the treatment of acne.
There were no negative interactions with taking the pill.
Best Regards
Anna B. Naturopath Iridologist

Dr. Fabbrizio Antiga - Medico Chirurgo - Spec. Reumatologia

Mr. Samuel M., born on 28/08 / -, living in Loc. -
This is to certify that the young man in question suffering from years of severe acne, has been treated for about one year with Bioenergen that he assumes daily and that led undoubtedly beneficial effects in the form of disappearance of pustular lesions and transition to a phase of healing.
It is released at the request of the above mentioned for the purposes authorized by law.
yours faithfully
Fabbrizio Antiga
Surgeon - Spec. Rheumatology

Pische Dott. Raimondo - Medico Chirurgico - Spec. Odontostomacologia

I declare that the product Bioenergen I tested in several clinical situations resulted in consistently positive effects on intestinal regularization especially constipation. In this sense, it could be interpreted as an improvement of skin situations (eg. Acne) besides to a direct action of the constituents of the product. For example I enclose the testimony of one of my patients who had particular improvements of his dermatological problems.

Yours faithfully
Pische Dott. Raimondo 
Medical Surgical - Spec. Odontostomacologia
I started taking the herbal product Bioenergen last February. My problems of intestinal constipation were almost completely resolved and, the most evident consequence has been to see a marked improvement on the appearance of my skin. I consider this natural compound remedy very effective and I would recommend it to those who, like me, had long-standing problems to solve.
Thanks again.
Mirjam C.

Dr. Alberto Fiorito - Surgeon
Clinical Cases for Bioenergen:
Leonardo C. age 15 h 1.85 P 68

The patient comes to my observation on the 17 .12.02 for a very violent acne spread to the entire face. He has already seen several dermatologists and made therapeutic cycles of all types, to no avail. For this reason, the mother decides to turn to alternative therapy.
The young man appears in good health, suffering from a slight stutter and a modest anxiety-provoking trend, compatible with age.
After an assessment with EA V I impose antiviral therapy for
Cytomegalovirus and detoxification support.
2 / visit
The situation is much improved after an initial decline. When I discontinued the therapy, the acne problem came back. Better from a psychological standpoint. I continue the therapy with Phosphorus 1000 K.
3 / visit
The psychological improvement continues, so much that the young man minimizes the disruption of acne, which remains present, although not like the first time.
I suggest Bioenergen, a dose in the morning and a dose in the evening between meals.
4 / visit
Marked improvement of acne and general symptoms.
Elisa A.,age 17, 1.68 / 54
Elisa is a very pretty girl and apparently closed that comes to my observation to lose weight and eliminate cellulite. In reality, there are neither overweight nor a clear cellulite. It is a psychological problem originated, also, by her two parents, too old to provide a useful support during this difficult period of life.
I see both her and her mother over time and I manage to set a different relationship with each other in which the young acquires more security in relationships with others and a greater acceptance of herself.
 (4 / visit)
Good response to therapy. Elisa comes alone, she speaks of the relationship with her parents that grant her more freedom, and with boys, that start appearing in her life. Almost as a logical consequence appears acne, very
widespread and annoying. The gut slows and menstruation become "cantankerous".
 I suggest Bioenergen, a dose in the morning and a dose in the evening between meals.

Checkup. Acne disappeared, intestine and menstruation are regularized. Elisa complains a weight gain with no apparent increase in fat mass and without the appearance of cellulite.


email sent to Solimè, manufacturer of herbal products including Bioenergen®
I am a naturopath and iridologist and I used to recommend your products to my customers. However, one of the best products of your company cannot be found. I mean Bioenergen, which is no longer traceable in any pharmacy by what my customers refer.
I would like to ask explanations about this, given the extraordinary effectiveness of the product, and any advice on replacement of it, if it is impossible to obtain it in any way.
Thank you
Naturopath Iridologist

"Bioenergen freed me of acne"

"Hello everybody,
today I want to tell you about a product that has worked wonders on me and I would recommend to all the people like me who suffer from acne for years "...

... "After the treatment, I decided on my own to take a supplement of which I heard well on the internet. Bioenergen.
Today, after a month of treatment of this product my face is clean like when I was in primary school XD "...
"It has lots of benefits, but in particular I have found great improvements in acne. After trying everything to eradicate acne, I was without hope, but I found a successful solution with this supplement. It 's absurd! If you are in my same situation, hopeless, I suggest Bioenergen "...
"I consider it a miraculous drug."

Hello everyone.

I stopped using Bioenergen for 5 months after 6 months of treatment. I started back a new cycle of Bioenergen because my acne has returned and I am already noticing a relief of the skin as pimples are more deflated. But this time I doubled the dose, 30 drops the morning and  30 drops the evening.



from the site www.eurosalus.com
as I said in another post on the same subject, Bioenergen is incredible:
after a month of treatment the results are almost the disappearance of acne eruptions and I think in a while I can say the TOTAL disappearance. Why it is not known? it would be helpful to many people. One word: try it!
after five months that I assume Bioenergen I can say that acne (which struck me mostly between one cycle and the other, especially with large pimples on my chin and neck) completely disappeared, leaving a beautiful skin. Even better, I am missing the hair on the upper lip and in general, I grow very few hairs. My cycle is very regular and painless.
In short, as if you took the pill, but without side effects !!


we wrote a few months ago or more, but I would like to write again to confirm the utility of Bioenergen.
After 2 and a half months of use, I can tell that the problem of oily skin, nearly similar to acne, that haunted me for years is practically solved (and this is not easy!!!) I continue to order the product in pharmacies with the hope that it is always available and in production.
I tried to talk about it in forums so that others can benefit. I just cannot understand why it has not achieved the popularity it deserves; it should be exposed such as aspirin for example.
This makes me even a little anger. Anyway, I still thank You for having created a product so useful.
Sincerely M.


Hello everyone.

I suffer from acne for several years, sometimes mild and sometimes with severe phases. I read that the herbal remedy known as BIOENERGEN has been a great help in many cases, but the fact that it has among its ingredients cocoa baffles me. I believe in fact that acne is also linked to food, and having avoided chocolate for years (for fear of worsening acne) I fear that this component might trigger some reaction on my skin already sick with acne. Someone (doctor or patient) has any advice or opinion? In addition, I would like to know some young adult like me (I am 29) who suffers from acne, so we can exchange tips and maybe even support each other in times of crisis.
Thanks in advance!

Hello elieli, I had already entered a post on bioenergen, but maybe I omitted one important thing: I am already using it for a month !! I have a skin that tends to be impure, subject to black points and impurities and there are times when the situation worsens. I am 26 and when acne comes in adulthood is often linked to hormonal problems, stress, unregularly cycle etc. .. After reading a series of articles on bioenergen I decided to try it, I state that it is not cheap (22 € per pack) and the treatment must be followed for a minimum of 3-6 months. After 1 month, the benefits are real and are obvious. First, the skin appearance is greatly improved, the skin is more compact and resistant and impurities and signs gradually decrease until they disappear completely! Bioenergen is not only a product for acne but acts on more levels; it implements a process of purification of the body thanks to the herbs of which it is composed! It is suitable for athletes to reduce fat mass, over time it helps regulate the cycle, acts on the intestine and therefore skin problems decrease because the body balance is restored. I reported my experience because I think it can also help those who suffer from severe acne in adulthood. For myself the benefits are there, but the important thing is to be constant ....





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