BIOENERGEN® rebalances body and mind


Each medicinal herb contained in Bioenergen has been carefully selected

to create a special synergy useful to the wellness of bowel, skin, acne, monthly cycle and good mood ...


Vegano, without ethylalcohol , lactose and gluten - without artificial preservatives, 

colourings and flavourings.  - 100% vegetal.





It is not only a nutraceutical but gives you from the inside what beauty creams can not do: 


Bowel wellness,

Beauty and skin health,

Tonic for good mood ...





100% Vegetal



No animal testing




Referring to the international bibliography the herbs contained in BIOENERGEN® have the following effects:

Purifying - Detox




Bioenergen rebalances body and mind.

Bioenergen contains a special synergy of medicinal herbs useful for  intestine wellness, skin care, acne and good mood...

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